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Loewe Invisio Crystal Clear Transparent Flat Monitor TV

Invisio Transparent Flat Monitor TV 

have watched the television which has marvelous thin in the last few years, a
design that has eminent them to emerge further resembling art, and with the capability
to suspend them on the wall like a picture frame, TV’s have beyond doubt become
a good-looking and unremarkable part of a set of equipment like furniture. 

International Contest: 

global contest for experts in the areas of design, architecture, marketing, and
engineering-Michael Friebe has been going into an entirely transparent TV known
as the Loewe Invisio. The latest design of Michael Friebe exhibits a
transparent TV called the Loewe Invisio and it became visible similar to a
solid piece of glass affixed to a give the impression of being modern with
metal base. Moreover, can win the Concept design award 2011.

Loewe Invisio
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