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Folk Heritage Festival Pakistan:

Folk Heritage Festival
held annually at Islamabad during October, this color-full festival
characteristic or features a cultural group from all over Pakistan exhibiting
their handicrafts, folk dances, and music. The spectator area reflecting the
lifestyles of different areas is demonstrated besides a variety of other
fascinating and interesting events. Moreover the above-mentioned festivals
several others are proceeding and taking place in small and isolated and remote
villages featuring colorful events and activities native and locally to these

Pakistan heritages

Pakistan heritages—image by LokVersa

Life is all about
finding and sharing happiness. Our interaction not only enhances the love and
affection between us but also helps to develop the ability to learn different
languages, know, understand, and think about different cultures. Our social
heritage is not just a collection of customs, traditions, moral values, trends,
festivals, beliefs, folk tales, and favorite personalities. Rather, it makes us
who we are and obliges us to pass on that heritage to the next generation.

Folk Heritage is the
only institution in Pakistan that has been working diligently for the last many
years to revive and promote religious and cultural festivals. In which teachers
will teach music, dance, and kite making. Food stalls will also be arranged for
the participants. These festivals and fairs give us love and affection beyond
race and religion. We believe that these festivals and fairs are also an
invaluable gift of life that needs to be celebrated in full.
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