First Sight One

Shooting Incidents

there is an incident of terrorism or firing in the United States or Europe or
any other country, allegations are leveled against the Muslim community without
any evidence, and Muslims are held responsible.

and the West

West, which has been the center of Christianity and Judaism, has never been
friendly with Muslims and Islam. But in the wake of the September 2001 or 9/11 suicide
bombings in New York, its contradictions with Islam have become more apparent.
Whether it involves the will of both parties or not. Since these events, a war
has broken out between Islam and the West.

Muslim community is not responsible for the incidents of terrorism, because the
Muslim community is as vulnerable to the threat of terrorism as any other local
community. In our view, the Muslim community is not responsible for such
incidents. We all have to fight together against those who can promote

and terrorism are two contradictory things:

religion allows the killing of innocent human beings. Terrorism must be
considered separately from Islam. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. The
chain of oppression and barbarism against the Muslim world must be stopped.
There is injustice with the Muslims community in many countries of the world,
and many incidents have proved that there is no religion of terrorism, the
label of terrorism on the political struggle of Muslims is not correct, the
western world should realize the feelings of Muslims, the world must get out of

the incident of 9/11, more suicide attacks were carried out by the Tamil
Tigers. No one linked the attacks of the Tamil Tigers to religion. Israel used
terrorism against innocent Palestinians. The Golan Heights should be part of
Palestine. Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine. It is not right to
link the political struggle of Muslims with terrorism.

incidents in the United States:

to the researchers, in the light of available records, there have been the
highest number of shootings and massacres in the history of the United States
for many years. Which has resulted in dozens of deaths.

say many shootings in the United States do not make headlines because they are
caused by family disputes, drug trafficking, otherwise violence between gangs
of criminals, and do not spread to public places.

are viewed with suspicion, the actions of a single person cannot be linked to
the whole community.

only purpose for Muslims living in Europe and the United States is to find
suitable employment. These Muslim communities should not be associated with
terrorist incidents.

real goal of Islam is to establish peace in the world.

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