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Employment for Disabled Persons.

government recently introduced an e-employment scheme. The E-rozgar program initiated
by the Punjab government is getting on with it to convey freelancers with the required
skills to succeed in utilizing IT training. This program purposes to train ten
thousand young persons to earn money by working online from home using the
internet. People with disabilities have not been benefited from any scheme not
before as well as not now. Due to the government’s selfishness, disabled people’s
age increased. Besides they remain unemployed due to these double standards.
What steps is taking the relevant government for the overage person with
disabilities? Will their age be wasted.? 

is the advantage of celebrating an international disability day each year on December
3rd besides it a clear-cut reminder of the tough life that handicap people live
in Pakistan, mainly as a consequence of the government’s neglect in doing whatever
to help them? On the day itself, we see top government representatives make all
kinds of promises at seminars as well as conferences, pledging that they will
make policies to improve the lives of special people with disabilities on the
other hand after the day passes; everything goes back to what it was, to the
normal position where it was. Numerous disabled people have been seeking
suitable jobs for the last several years however miserably, in most cases,
their efforts are wasted. In place of making promises that it cannot keep, I
would exceptionally demand and humble request the government to do to some
degree tangible, solid, and take serious steps for the plight of disabled

half of the non-working adult persons with disabilities who were studied
encountered problems. The trend spreads sound to industrialized nations as well
as to the developing world, where the problem is more severe. On the other hand,
despite global awareness that disabled people have the right to work – an
entitlement preserved in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons
with Disabilities – even the most advanced economies can’t seem to find a mode
to successfully integrate them into the workplace.

The maximum
habitually refers to motives and reasons for being discouraged from looking for
work were:

  1. No
    appropriate jobs available
  2. Family
  3. Lack
    of transportation
  4. No
    appropriate information about jobs
  5. Inadequate
  6. Fear
    of losing health insurance or Medicaid
  7. Discouraged
    from working by family and friends

strongly request an Appeal to the government of Pakistan. Please increase the
maximum age to Fifty-50 years only for Persons with Disabilities. We all
Disabled persons will be very thankful and will be highly appreciated if the
government will take a serious step in regard.

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