Day of People with Disabilities is an exceptional time to celebrate the
achievements and contributions as well as increase public awareness,
understanding, and acceptance of people with disabilities. International Day of
People with Disabilities (IDPWD) stands by its belief that a person is not
inherently ‘disabled’…disability is NOT a feature of a person.  We at a guess that people have health
impairments: some of us want wheelchairs to mobilize; seeing-eye nature; assistive
technology –glasses to read; or medication to manage and feel comfortable. All
people have different health impairments at some time in their lives.  The difference is that most of the time your
health impairment does not stop you from working, being included or
participating in your community. 

disability day

with disabilities exists to certify that environmental and social hurdles are
identified and to help everybody to work together to overcome them.
  We will never eliminate health impairments…on
the other hand, by overcoming barriers, at that moment we eradicate

organizing seminars and conferences not every year benefits disabled people. Therefore,
those promises and assurances that are given to those people with disabilities
at these seminars and conferences must take practical steps on those pledges
and promises.