Google Photos app is better than ever 

The good news is that if you use the Google Photos app,
it will be easier to use now. Google is introducing new features for the Photos
app over the next few weeks. So that users can easily access the images that
were taken in the past years. For this purpose, the layout of the Photos app is
being updated first, so that groups of images can be viewed in a grid layout.
They will also be able to search for albums, shared albums, favorites, and
on-device folders in the form of a list through a type filter. 


A new Import
Photos section is being added to the bottom menu, which will help transfer images
to other services, such as Facebook. A new feature will help you copy the
camera files. While old photos and videos can be digitized. Similarly, a
function will make it easier to scan photos from the phone. If you use an
Android phone, you’ll be able to discover Parts Sharing, Shared Albums, and
Convergence in the Sharing tab, which will be available in the next few days.
Google is also adding a shortcut to the screenshots that will be in the main
photo grid.