students appreciate this step by PTCL. All student package holders (who could
previously not get more than 1 MB speeds) will be allowed to upgrade their DSL
speeds to 2 MB, with the aim of as well without any extra charge till September
30th. After September 30th, 2012, student package holders having a DSL speed of
2 MB will have to pay Rs. 1,299 per month, or on the other hand they can
downgrade their internet speed back to 1 MB DSL before September 30th, 2012. 

ptcl broadband packages

who Do NOT need to Upgrade: 

the New price for 1 MB student package would be Rs. 1,099/ month. All those
customers who will revert their speeds to 1 MB or those who have not upgraded
to 2 MB package, will have to pay Rs. 1,099 per month for 1 MB Student Package. 

Tariff Details: 

  • Student
    Basic Package: 1Mbps Student Basic Package at Rs.1, 099 per month. 
  • 2Mbps
    Student Package Promo: 2Mbps Student Promo Package at Rs.1, 299 per month. 

for Package: 

  1. Subscribers
    who will withdraw/revert on the 1Mbps Student Basic package will be charged
    Rs.1, 099/month. 
  2. This
    upgrade will not be applicable for Broadband student Bundle package customers.