(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a mobile-friendly website or blog page format for
mobile devices. AMP pages are designed to speed up page display on mobile


AMP second code

will show you today in this tutorial how to insert Google AdSense Amp Auto Ads
into Blogger HTML. First of all login to your Google Adsense account.


AMP AdSense first code

will see the text “Ads” on your left side panel, The first option is “By Site”.
If you look at the bottom right side, you will notice that AMP is Off. So turn
it on, you will come to the next page. Here you find AMP is also
Off here. So will turn ON the AMP option on this page as well.


AMP AdSense code

You will then
find two codes on this page. Here’s how to put both of these codes into
HTML. Copy the first code and place it below the <head>
tag and save it and after that again go to your AdSense page from where
you have copied the first code and then copy the second code and place it under
the following HTML code section. The
HTML code you fill like this below. 


<body expr:class=’data:blog.pageType’> 

(put the second AMP code below the above Body section)

you’re logged in to your Blogger account, then click THEME, click the icon
attached with Customize, and then click HTML in the pop-up window, when you
open the HTML coding, then in any empty place clicks in it and then press Control
+ F
in the keyboard and type <head> and press enter
and place the AMP first code just below it (under the <head> tag. 

AMP AdSense code off

that, copy the second AMP code and again go to your blogger HTML area and again
press Ctrl + F and write this </head> in the search,  there you will find below this kind of code.
Place the second AMP code just below (the <body> section (the
<body> section will like above the Red text
) and click save. When
it’s all saved then after a couple of days you will get the result. Thank you!