, I know very well that you will be astonished about these terms and
what they mean. These are not the same things there is a little difference
between them. Here we will explain a little bit about them. 

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it is evident by its name, Random access memory. That is why we called it
random access memory to collect data.
can reach any memorial cell through RAM. That process is called random
access. RAM is formed by computer data. A second term is SAM it is also working
just like a RAM function. On the other hand, there is a small amount of
difference between them. RAM is small but well functioning and it is more
obedient. Now we technically briefly explain them. 

random access memory RAM


also called SAM (Serial access memory) as it is evident by its name it brings
together the data in order and collects them into the memorial cell. A method
to reach them is only in a particular order. If the data does not exist and is available in the required place then we will check the entire data in a particular
order. The SAM is also operating and functioning in the same method. SAM works
very well for memory buffer and the data exist in-memory buffer in such order
to use it, which is. 

serial access memory SAM