Printer Introduction and Use:

Printer is use for printing letters, files and so on. When a printer is connected to your computer you can print out documents and photos.
There are various different types and models of printers, but they have some common print options:


Paper size:

Most home printers use A4 paper which is the size of a letter and which is a normal size for print out. Some larger printers can print bigger sizes like A3 paper size, which is double the size of A4.

A4 Paper size  A3 Paper size

Page layout:

This can also be calling the page orientation or direction. You can change the page layout to print as portrait (tall) or landscape (wide).

portrait paper            landscape

  • First picture is Portrait and Second picture is Landscape:


Number of copies:

You can select the number of copies of a document you would like to print. This kind of option has given in the print setting.

Using print preview:

print preview

Before you print a document or need to printing out of your photo it’s an excellent idea to have a look at print preview. Print preview shows you exactly what it will print. You should find print preview in the file menu for a program. You can use print preview to confirm that you have the correct page layout or draft and you are only printing out the pages that you require.