do you use your USB Device on your computer then, all of a sudden a
notification might pop up on your screen reveal that (USB device not recognized)
or (One of the USB devices attached to this processor has failed, and Windows
does not recognize it)? These setback falls under Windows CODE 43 which
mentioned that “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported
problems” ultimately this will lead to the malfunction of all of your USB
ports; more detailed, all USB ports will stop working, so if you would like to
use any USB device it won’t work. To make the condition more frustrating this
message will keep popping up every minute on your monitor. The problem
frequently occurs and very common with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. 

USB devices

& Issue: 

first notion that might arise in your mind would be that if you have damaged
one of your USB ports accidentally or there is any hardware failure. You will
find different suggestions and methods of solving the problem including
Uninstalling and Reinstalling the USB drivers, put a sight on the computer
registry and Bios. And when you will get fatigued you will find one last option
of reinstalling the Windows so that get rid of easily and quickly. These ideas
will make you more bothered and in most cases, this difficulty will still exist
on your system. 


the solution to this problem is very simple and easy, just turn off your
computer and detach the power cable so that no current flows through the
system. Because even if you shut down your computer your motherboard is still
getting and receiving power. Sometimes it happens that your motherboard gets
stuck at some problem and is required to be turned off. When you will
disconnect the power and reconnect it after that the microprocessors on your
motherboard will reload the drivers of the USB ports and you are back to the
working USB ports. 

you are having the same problems with your Laptop just turn it off the way as
to mention above, and detach the laptop battery for a minute or less. Put it
back in and turn it on, your USB ports would be working fine, and you will not
get this problem again hopefully. 

I and
dozens of other people adopt this way and option and it worked fine, please
leave your comments about this solution if you have tried this option.