the computer manufacturers companies have copied the touch screen of ‘All in
one’. It is somewhat a problem for HP Company, and then what should HP Company
do? The only way left was to be made entirely new and strange things. The new
touch smart 610 and Elite 9300 business PC seems just a common and latest
computer. It has 23 inches ‘All in one’ screen display. It has risen over, but
when it changes direction on a signal, Becomes semi-drawer, it turns on a 60
degree or full and complete computer around on a 180 angle. 

Elite 9300 business PC

it becomes a somewhat new thing. It is a very flexible PC. Moreover, the HP
Company’s new design show style like Yoga and can turn but the touch system is
made more comfortable and organized. In addition to this design, HP Company has
made the consumer model refreshed with new software. Elite 9300 are made for
business organizations and celebrities. The steel and AMD processor desktop can
be added in 610 touches smart. It has more than 16 GB RAM. It has a capacity of
one terabyte.

Blu-ray drive, while it is a 1.3-megapixel camera and Beats Audio speakers come
standard. Certainly, the 9300 has to maintain its specialized status, besides however
it cuts out the Beats, it gains or its achievements Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge
processors, a 160GB SSD preference, as well as a higher quality two-megapixel
cam with facial recognition software. The angle of view is greater in them.