will be getting tired every time because this process appears again and again
on your screen and certainly, this process will disturb you. The wuauclt.exe
process is an element of the Windows Auto Update and checks the Microsoft
website for any potential Windows software or hardware updates. It is usually
programmed in the Task Manager’s processes and is a lawful process that
pretense no security threats to your computer. Wuauclt.exe can be switch off besides
removed without affecting system processes on your processor. If you choose to
manually scan for updates for your system, eliminate it won’t be a failure. 

remove wuauclt file windows

to be Follows:

1: Press
“Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Delete” jointly to open the
Windows Task Manager. Click the “Processes” tab to displays the
presently running processes on your computer.

2: Scroll
down and click “wuauclt.exe.” Click “End Process” to
prevent and stop this program from running. Close the Task Manager.

3: Double-click
My Computer on the monitor otherwise Laptop besides double-click the C: drive.
Double-click the WINDOWS folder as well as double-click the System32 folder.

4: Locate
the wuauclt.exe file. Right-click on it and click ‘Delete.’ Empty the recycle
bin folder to complete and end the removal process of windows.

Suggestion & Tips:

the wuauclt.exe is in a slightly extra folder other than the System32 folder, at
that point it means that there is a possibility of viruses on your processor or
laptop. You supposed to be carried out a full virus system scan to remove any
possible and potential threats.