of Wind Data from Cell Phone Towers:

statistical data source provider Ensemble has developed and built up sensors,
which can carry on message note of wind date for approximately 95% of the wind
farms existing in the Texas area. The assistance of cell phone towers is
looking for and required for this reason. Ensemble Network Sensors gather
precise data by receiving to recognize the wind speed at large height.

required operation can be obtained by placing the sensor at the height of the
turbine rotor or the blades. Ensemble Network Sensors accumulate statistical
figures on wind velocity, direction, and temperature in a cell phone tower,
these figures can be analyzed on a computer to reveal what is going to take
place in the coming future.


ensemble has placed the sensors on the cell/mobile phone towers, which are
80-120 meters on top of the ground. Forecasting can be allowed every 10 minutes
with the facilitation of real-time data from the sensors supplied into its
system. The data fed and the forecast that is achieved by this method are
mutually reasonably accurate.

find out the help of cell phone towers for wind farms, figures are provided and
supplied to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) through a
network of 100 sensor centers. These centers are placed in a suitable behavior
near the wind farm all over Texas by the ERCOT, which runs 75% of Texas’s
electric grid. Wind farms use behavior guides and calculations to analyze the
alteration in the availability of electricity in a certain area with these
towers and records.

requirement for wind figures:

need for a power grid will rise with the increase in the wind farms and the
rough productivity of these wind farms. This is a massive setback but its way
out can be set up the following conducts: Creation of long-distance
transmission capacity by linking all local and regional grids with each other.
By most favorable utilization of wind by approximation, how much wind is
required every hour? By providing precise wind data.

of Wind Data Forecasting by Cell Towers:

  • Mobile/
    Cell Towers already exist. To find out with the assistance of the wind
    forecasting data, you are putting them to contest use.
  • This
    forecasting wind tower data helps make wind further fruitful.
  • It
    raises the effectiveness of the power plant.