has been created such an app that is used to find out the total consumption of
electricity bills. You can now use an app from Google to track how much
electricity has consumed in your home in this regard you can do this procedure
from your PC or your phone. To find your total electricity consumption, all you
need is Wi-Fi, Internet access via broadband, and of course, Google’s
PowerMeter apps.

PowerMeter Apps:

Line Innovations had linked up its Power-cost Monitor to the PowerMeter so that
you can find out your electricity usage. 
With the help of this app by google, you acquire an energy display, an
electricity meter sensor as well as the WiFi Gateway.

Gateway permits you to see data from your meter on the Web, obtain real-time
information about how your energy is being used during the running month,
calculate and predict your costs and also share energy-saving guidelines with
other people, for instance, family member or next-door neighbors. 

google powermeter