Pregnant women
will watch their baby grow in the womb with an “ultrasound sticker”  

Scientists have
claimed that mothers-to-be will soon be able to watch the baby growing in their
wombs on their mobile phones. All this will be done with the help of an
ultrasound sticker that will be stuck to the woman’s body like a plaster.
Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an
adhesive device, the equivalent of a postage stamp. The device will capture
continuous images of whatever is happening inside the body for up to 48 hours
straight. Now the scientists are refining the device using artificial intelligence,
which will analyze the results and send them to a smartphone app. 

MIT ultrasound sticker

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MIT engineers
develop stickers that can see inside the body 

hope the devices will soon be available in shops and chemists for pregnant
women to use once a week. These strips, which are 3 mm thick, can also be used
to monitor the tumors of cancer patients, thereby speeding up cancer diagnosis
and treatment. Xuan Hai Zhao, a mechanical engineering professor at MIT who
helped design the technology, said that through the ultrasound sticker,
pregnant women will be able to observe the development of their baby before
giving birth. But due to safety regulations, filming will be restricted and she
will only be able to watch her baby grow up once a week.