Make Meta Facebook Reels Now One and a Half Minutes 

Meta improved
Facebook Reels and introduced several new features. Facebook Reels is a short
video feature that was originally inspired by TikTok and was initially
introduced on Instagram, which later became part of Facebook. Facebook Reels is
becoming the most used feature on the social website and users seem to be
spending more time on Facebook Reels than posts and stories. Seeing the
interest of users in Reels, Facebook has now introduced a feature to share
longer videos in Reels. 

Facebook Reels

Now users will be able to share videos of 1.5 minutes
or 90 seconds duration in Facebook Reels. While earlier this duration was only
60 seconds, earlier this duration was limited to 45 seconds. But now Facebook
users will be able to share videos of one-and-a-half minute duration in Reels
while Instagram Reels already have the facility to share videos of one-and-a-half
minute duration. Similarly, the feature of creating special templates for the
reels shared on Facebook was also introduced, which was only available on
Instagram earlier. That means now users will be able to create videos on
different types of templates and share them. 

the feature of mixing videos in Facebook Reels i.e. syncing the video to
another song has also been introduced. The above-mentioned feature was also
already available on Instagram. Also, a new and powerful feature has been added
to Facebook Reels, whereby users will now be able to share memories videos, or
photos instantly as soon as they are released. The above-mentioned feature is
being called the best feature for Reels till now and users seem to be more than
happy with this feature. Although all the above features have been introduced on
Facebook, some users may not be able to access the features, but gradually
users will be given access to all the features.