Introduction of a New Feature: Conversations in Human
Voice with ChatGPT 

OpenAI has introduced a significant change to ChatGPT,
unveiling a new feature. Users of the free AI software can now ask questions in
human-like voices, and ChatGPT will respond in its artificial voice. 

The new Voice Feature, or Human Voice Feature, was introduced
in September, initially available only to users who had purchased ChatGPT Plus
or the enterprise version. However, now all users utilizing ChatGPT for free
can also benefit from this feature. 


To use the Voice Feature, first download the ChatGPT app.
Then, below the screen on the right, you will find the headphone icon
(options). After clicking on the headphone icon, you will see five voice
options, including Neeper, Amber, Breeze, Coleo, and Skye. 

These five options offer different voices (male and
female, heavy and soft). By clicking on one, you can choose to hear the answer
to your question in that specific voice. For example, if you choose Skye, it
will respond to your question in a woman’s voice that closely resembles a human

When conversing with the AI assistant based on artificial
intelligence, a white circle will appear in the middle, and when ChatGPT
answers your question, this circle will change to a toggle-like shape. However,
some users have complained that the Voice Feature still works even when they
are silent. 

In addition, there is no clear method to close the app.
OpenAI is now making its features widely available to all users to introduce
features on a larger scale. However, this feature does not work on computers or
browsers; it can only be used on Android and iPhone screens. 

was introduced on November 30, 2022. The system based on artificial
intelligence initially retained information from before 2021. This means that
ChatGPT could respond to information up to 2021, but recently, OpenAI announced
that users could ask ChatGPT about current situations. Still, this facility
is currently only available to premium users. However, OpenAI has stated that
this feature will soon be accessible to ordinary users as well.