Facebook announcement to give Blue Tick for Money 

founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that like Twitter, users will be able to
get Blue Tick on his platform for a monthly fee. Mark Zuckerberg has announced
that not only on Facebook but also on his other platform Instagram, users will
be able to get Blue Tick for a monthly fee. Earlier, there were reports that
like Twitter, Instagram is likely to introduce a feature to provide blue ticks
for money. However, Mark Zuckerberg has now confirmed through his Facebook post
that the feature of providing blue ticks for money will be launched on his
platform soon. 


In his short post, he said that the feature of providing Blue
Tick for a monthly fee will initially be launched in New Zealand and Australia
from next week. The Facebook founder said that under the feature, Android users
will be able to get Blue Tick for about 12 USD per month. Similarly, iOS and
desktop users will be able to get Blue for around $15 per month, according to
them. He said that to subscribe to the above-mentioned feature, the users will
also be asked for a copy of the identity card provided by the government. 

Zuckerberg said that users who get Blue Tick for money will have direct access
to other important features including security features. Although he confirmed
that BlueTick will be offered on his platform for USD 12-15 per month, he did
not clarify whether BlueTick can be had on both Facebook and Instagram for the
same fee. Whether or not separate fees will be paid for both platforms.
However, BlueTick is expected to be available on both platforms for the same