Rose flowers can be helpful in reducing depression 

Researchers have said that pressing a softball in the
hand or breathing exercises were previously recommended to relieve stress, but
forget these things now and if you are suffering from stress at your workplace,
The best way to cope is through Aroma Therapy. The research team observed in
their research that the nurses who worked in the hospitals applied rose
fragrance on the outside of their throats and this pleasant aroma accompanied
them wherever they went. Mental stress was reduced to a great extent. Medical
experts in Iran have claimed that the use of rose perfume can effectively
reduce stress in the workplace and if used on a regular basis, it can be much
more beneficial. 

The Scent of Rose can reduce Depression 

Aromatics have been used for centuries in ancient Egypt,
the Middle East, China, and India. This aromatic oil or perfume is either
inhaled or massaged on the affected area to improve mental health or relieve
pain. A team from Samnan University of Medical Sciences decided to conduct
experiments to test the effects of rose scent and to see if aromatherapy could
reduce the mental stress of nurses. Mohsin Emadi Khalaf and his colleagues 118
Recruited paramedical staff for the study who were working in two hospitals in
Iran. These nurses were 36 years old and had been in the profession for an
average of 10 years. These women were divided into three groups. 

smelling rose flower

groups were given a tube of 0.5 milliliters of lavender rose oil to apply to
their shirts. Both of these fragrances are known for their stress-relieving and
sleep-inducing properties. While the third group was given a tube of sesame oil
to clip. They were told to apply these perfumes etc. for two hours every day
for four weeks. As a result, it was observed that for the first two weeks,
there was no reduction in mental stress, but after four weeks, the stress level
of nurses who applied rose perfume was reduced by 13%. While the mental stress
was reduced by only 2% with sesame oil and even though the stress was reduced
with lavender oil, the scent of roses was overwhelming.