One of the
causes of hair loss is improper blood circulation 

If you are experiencing baldness for no apparent reason, likely,
your body’s circulatory system is not working properly. If your scalp is not
getting the proper amount of nutrients through the blood, then your hair will
also become dry and thin due to this deprivation and will start falling out
much faster than usual. If the hair is falling due to improper blood
circulation, then even if you use the most expensive domestic or foreign
shampoos, creams, or lotions, which are made with reasonable claims, they will
not help. If your hair is falling out too fast, instead of using expensive
shampoos or oils, it is important to re-warm and stimulate the hair roots. To
do this, wash your hair with your head down and massage it well keeping your
head down so that the blood circulation in the head is better. 

Poor Circulations reasons for hair loss 

Doing this will also stimulate the cells of your scalp
and give them more blood. One way to check if you have adequate blood flow to
your head is to examine your skin and nails. If your nails are looking brittle,
uneven, and weak, the skin is dry and the hair is falling out quickly, it means
that your body is not getting enough nutrients through the blood. Although
complaints of hair loss or baldness are usually seen in men, women can also
suffer due to poor blood circulation. Baldness or hair loss can also be caused
by some other factors. 

hair loss image baldness

include stress, heavy smoking, aging, imbalanced hormones, malnutrition,
thyroid problems, anemia, chronic diseases, and genetic disorders. If you
notice that your hair is falling out a little faster than usual, or that it’s
getting finer or thinner, or that the edges are splitting, you should also
check your skin and nails. If they are dry and flaking easily, then don’t delay
in seeing your doctor. With a few tests, you will know why your hair is falling
out so fast and then the treatment will begin. If you experience any other
symptoms, inform the doctor as well. If you have recently had a blood test and
the medications you are taking, bring them along so that there is no chance of
a possible prescription error.