Shopping, Payments, and Customer Service on WhatsApp 


whatsapp shopping

WhatsApp, the world’s most used instant messaging
application, has been looking to introduce an online shopping feature for a
long time. However, now the application has introduced an online shopping
feature. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of WhatsApp’s owner company Metta and head of
Facebook, confirmed in his Facebook post that WhatsApp has introduced an online
shopping option. According to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp has initially
introduced as an online shopping option only in India, where people can shop from
the online store Jiomart on WhatsApp sitting at home. “Purchasing from
Jiomart will be done in a very easy way through the chat box and this option is
currently available only in India,” he said. According to him, the chat
between the buyer and the store employees will be end-to-end, that is, no third
party will have access to it, so understand that even the WhatsApp administration
will not have access to the said chat. 

WhatsApp Introduces Grocery Shopping For The First Time 

is India’s largest retail store and has several other information technology
ventures, the same company is also India’s largest phone service provider. The
aforementioned online shopping option is the first official option from the
Voice app. Earlier, though small businessmen do business online, it will not be
under the official feature but will be under the normal chatting feature.
After WhatsApp introduced the online shopping feature for the first time in
India, it is believed that the company will introduce the said feature in other
countries in the next phase. A new business chat option has been introduced
under this feature. Only one store in India, Jiomart, has been given
access and Indian users can directly go to the above chat from their mobile
number to buy any item and pay online through (WhatsApp) Voice App chat.