is going to change the advertising system on Android devices, which will limit
user tracking through ads, which are being used on trillions of devices.
Android rival Apple is already taking similar steps for its customers.
Technology companies are under tremendous pressure in this regard, as
advertisements are displayed with the help of users’ personal information while
using the device, thus violating their privacy. 


to this process, the companies are also facing severe pressure from the
regulatory authorities of different countries. Apple smartphones make up 50
percent of the world’s users in the United States, while Google’s Android
software has 85 percent of the world’s mobile users. Due to this even a small
change in the system can affect the data of billions of users.

Google administration stated that our goal is to develop an effective and
privacy-friendly advertising solution where users know their information is
secure. We are working to protect the privacy of consumers. This will help them
work without cross-app identifiers, including restricting the sharing of their
data with third parties, including advertising IDs.