is soon going to introduce a feature called Companion Mode, which will allow
WhatsApp to be used on more than one device from a single account. According to
the leaked information about WhatsApp, using this feature, users will be able
to send messages and make calls by accessing the chat from different devices
simultaneously. Screenshots published on the website WhatsApp Beta Info
revealed that WhatsApp users will be able to connect to their other devices by
scanning a QR code. 

WhatsApp companion mode for beta users
image by Phoneworld.com

First, users need to download WhatsApp on their other
device and press the three dots on the opening screen, after which a unique QR
code will be displayed on tapping ‘Linked Devices’. After which users can open
WhatsApp on their first device and go to Settings and tap Linked Devices. Later
users will be able to scan the QR code in their other devices. This will start
the transfer of chat history and other data.