Banks are not accepting Utility Bills 

Payments of Utility Bills or Deposit of Utility Bills in Pakistan 

every year all the people, government bodies and welfare organizations
celebrate the day of disabled persons with great enthusiasm but practically no
one listens to the disabled people and they are not helped. Only this special day
is celebrated, and events are held from time to time. I am saying all these
things, that I am a disabled person. When a commercial bank will not deposit
the utilities bill. So where do I go to submit the utility bill in this
condition of disability? Then we become forced to pay the fine. 


Sometimes it
happens that the shopkeeper does not submit the utility bill on time, due to
which we often get arrears in the bill. The payment of which becomes quite
difficult for us to pay at the end of the month. The government should take
this issue very seriously and should not ignore this issue.
State Bank ofPakistan has issued the following notification but commercial banks have not
followed this order. The government should solve this problem as soon as
possible for the convenience of the people. Because it will not only benefits
the government but the employes of the government institutions as well. The
government should improve the utility bill payment system.