this time, one more International Disabled Day is celebrating on 3rd December,
the persons with disabilities would as expected remember the possibilities and
assurances given to them during the last Global or International Disabled Day nearby
a year back and know that nothing considerably has changed in their
While promises and celebrations take place year after years like a ceremony,
seminars and conferences, several of the disabled persons continue to live on
in conditions of poverty and uncertainty, not knowing as to what the future
would hold for them. With physical immobility on the one hand and lack of
resources and insufficient income on the other hand, most the disabled persons
do not have the access to quality educational institutions or the facilities to
acquire the requisite skill to employ them. 

world international disability day

Hollow Slogans:

the government has some schemes to help them, the fact is that such schemes are
far too inadequate considering the population of the disabled persons and the
intensity of their problems. The
disability not only causes physical discomfort
but also mental trauma and frustration, as they cannot be part of the
mainstream of life, which makes their life doubly difficult. The reservation
provided by the government in jobs is far too inadequate and most of the
disabled persons are not benefited by such reservation policies. In Pakistan
this time,
disabled people celebrated a disabled day as a strong protest.
Because each year the whole world celebrates this special day with excessive enthusiasm,
on the other hand, there is no one truly to help them. Everybody has dull and hollow


I exceptionally
demand the respected Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN). Please
create such suitable jobs, which are reserved only for all
disabled people. I
also request to the Google Company and other Multinational companies to create
special online jobs for those
disabled people who cannot go to any office or
work regularly because of their severe disability, Especially for ADULT
Disabled People. Because Many corporate bodies and individuals living in
prosperous and comfortable circumstances do come forward to help the
to some extent but only by way of charity and not by providing them
support in their self-employment activity. 

government has a big responsibility in this matter, as it has to work out and
implement appropriate policies and programs to enable disabled persons to self-employ
themselves. While a feeling of compassion amongst the citizens towards the
disabled persons is desirable, it will not be adequate if such compassion would
only lead to occasional charities. However, on the other hand, it should result
in a sustained campaign of supporting the disabled persons to fruitfully employ
themselves. I also request all the disabled people of the world please leave
your comments as a special appeal to UN Secretary-General so that he himself
takes these a lot of appeals very seriously and taking these appeals and
requests into account so that he creates suitable jobs in UN and its
sub-organization. We need your support.