Nation Human Rights Declaration: 

Theme: Youth Standing Up for Human Rights

December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved as well
as proclaimed the Worldwide Declaration of
Human Rights. Assembly called upon
all Member countries to make public the text of the Declaration and “to
cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read besides illustrated predominantly
in schools and additional educational institutions, without dissimilarity based
on the political status of countries or territories.” This time the UN
Human Rights Day is celebrating further than discrimination. 

human rights day

In a
declaration, it says, That all human beings are born free, equal in dignity as
well as rights. They are endowed with aim and conscience and should act towards
one another in a spirit of brotherhood or one society. All human rights
organizations regarding this day held seminars and special conferences. And determined
that, No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading
conduct or punishment.

Human Beings Have Equal Rights

person has the right to freedom of opinion as well as expression.  Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful
gathering and association.   Everybody
has the right to equal access to public service in his motherland.
has the right to work, to an unrestricted opportunity and preference of
employment, to just besides favorable and encouraging conditions of work and to
safeguard against unemployment.

has the right to a standard of living, way of life or lifestyle adequate for
the health and well-being of himself and his family, comprising food, clothing,
housing, medical care, necessary social services, also with the right to
security in the occurrence of unemployment, sickness, diverse type of disability,
widowhood, old age otherwise additional lack of livelihood in conditions beyond
his control.

People Rights

Nation must take concrete steps for the betterment of all Disabled People. And
urged its member states that they must create special jobs and such environment
where all the Disabled people have equal rights.

Nation Must Take Notice:

mostly in every country there is a human rights violation. For example
especially in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. But
according to today’s situation the United Nations Human Rights declaration that
appears ineffective in this respect. United Nation must take serious notice of
this and must take concrete steps in this regard so that the United Nations
principles can be implemented. So that each person can live in better conditions
in their environment.