United Nations General Assembly titled 11th December, from 2003 straight on, as
“International Mountain Day”. This verdict was the outcome from the
accomplishment of the UN International year of the mountain in 2002, which
boost worldwide awareness of the significance of the mountain, inspired the
concern national committee in 78 countries to make stronger coalitions through
encouraging and promoting the establishment of the International Partnership
for sustainable development in mountain regions. 


& Activities of the Day:

climbing is a physically and mentally challenging sport, individual that
habitually experiment with a climber’s potency, endurance, ability, agility,
and steadiness together with one’s intellectual and mental control. It is a stimulating
sport and knowledge information on proper climbing techniques and practice of
specialized climbing equipment is essential for the safe completion of paths. Pakistan
International Mountain day is celebrated jointly and mostly by ‘PTDC’ and the
‘Adventure Club-Pakistan’ by organizing Rock Climbing competition at different
famous hills situated in various parts of the country. For examples such as
‘Himalayas’, Karakorum’s, Hindukush, and the Pamirs.

large number of people rock climbing lovers and especially students are used to
participate in the climbing competition on the day. Rock climbing gives people,
strength, and eternal desire, determination, and great pleasure. On reaching
the peak of the highest hill you used to discover a sense of achievement and a great
view. International mountain day is an opportunity to create awareness about
the significance of mountains to our lives and also to highlight the setbacks
and benefits in mountain development and to build a partnership that will carry
positive transformation to the world’s mountains and highland. Finally at the
end of the competition. The Award distribution ceremony is held. And the awards
are presented to the winners.