Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February: 

Kashmir Solidarity Day has been observed on 5th February each year in Pakistan it is just a protest day celebration by the people of Pakistan along with Kashmiri people against Indian control of part of Kashmir. This day was celebrated first in 1990 to support the cause. All preparation takes place across the country and Azad Jammu Kashmir to observe “Kashmir Solidarity Day”. It is a national holiday in Pakistan. Pakistan has confidence in Kashmir as the core issue, between India and Pakistan, equally the states have been fought three wars and both countries have been spending treasurable money on combating and assign a most important segment of their national incomes to defense budgets. 

Kashmir Solidarity Day 5 February

World leaders have been anxious about the issue and they stressed the need to resolve the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan to avoid any combat between these two countries and keep them away from the devastation in the region. Kashmir should have the right to make a decision about their destiny according to the UN resolutions, which were adopted to resolve the issue. Both countries must resolve this core issue and they must spend the national wealth on the betterment and welfare of the people. Both the countries leaders must sit on the table along with Kashmir’s leaders and find a way to resolve this major and core issue peacefully so that the development period begins in the region.