The Pakistani
nation is waiting for some good news for the last several years. The people of
Pakistan are waiting for such news which may eliminate their disappointments,
deprivations, and frustrations. The people of Pakistan are waiting and Hope to
hear such news, which is a lighted candle in the dark. So that withered faces
blossoms again. But it seems like a dream. The people of Pakistan are waiting
for a Messiah that he makes their dreams into reality. But the people of
Pakistan have been broken heart because of the hollow slogans of their
so-called Political Leaders. Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with rich
treasures of wealthy natural resources. But what is the existence of such
natural treasures which could not benefit? It is because of the hypocrisy of
political leaders. 


people are comparing their country from developing countries so people are very
disappointed. Despite the presence of natural treasures, they are victims of
economic misery. Then people consider how they will compare with developed
countries in such circumstances. Singapore as a small country in Asia.
Singapore’s per capita income is highest in the region. It has the highest
literacy rate. Its Law and order is the ideal.

is almost nonexistent in Singapore. Because of its great achievements is that
Singapore is a corruption-free country. Take the example of our neighboring
country India. Anna Hazare held a hunger strike to end corruption. Because of
that, The Indian government has taken several important measures for the elimination
of corruption in the state. Bangladesh was an eastern wing of our own country
until 1971. So now we have moved beyond the newborn country. Bangladesh is now
in a better position than us for Economic sense. There is political stability.
Bangladesh has a strong currency. Law and order improved security situation are
such that. Pakistani industrialists are beginning to leave their own country
and to invest in Bangladesh.

is also situated in continent Asia. Mahathir Mohammad former Malaysian Prime
Minister has put his country on the path of development and prosperity. But our
poor people are still waiting for such a leader who withdrew them from the dark
vortex. Its simple and short answer is that Pakistan is blessed with many good
things and benefits of Allah Almighty. But our life altogether is empty from a sincere,
patriot and unselfish leader.

is political confusion in the country like Pakistan. Unrest, unemployment,
inflation and energy crisis, all issues concerning the people are either left
behind or have become secondary. Political leaders must now struggle seriously
to solve serious common public problems. So that Pakistan to take part in the
solution of international problems as well. So that Pakistan is also moving
towards paths of development and prosperity.