of corruption in our country are disgusting. It seems that creative abilities
are being spent on innovation and the new modernization of corruption. The
biggest corruption is financial. Because it brings leaves and fruits,
provisions for journey instantly. Because leaf of all evils is a sprout from
this. Financial corruption in any civilized country in the world does not
deserve an apology. Because of the distortion and woof of the entire society
fall apart. This is the root of all evil. Because all eligible communities are
deprived of this. A sense of insecurity and deprivation is created in these
classes. Poverty is increasing; the deserving person does not get his right.
The crimes of the vicious cycle are born. 


whole of society is vulnerable. Because of the terrible corruption and a
variety of social evils are born. For-example unemployment (Ineligible people
who receive service or job through a powerful source people called such kind of
group a ‘Ghost Employees’.), forged medicines. Eligible workers are deprived of
such conditions. The government should check this issue. These facts will also
be exposed that how many appointments are made on political grounds. How laws
and regulations were violated. It is also necessary to detect, where
unemployment is, common, eligible individuals are required, where Institutions
have been destroyed due to disqualification, the Economy has been destroyed as
well, and then it is indispensable to prevent such a trend. Some people and
elements wish to earn money as soon as possible. For example, fake medicines.

to expensive medical treatment, the advertising of forges medicine has achieved
great progress in our country. It is such a hedge of corruption, in which human
lives are directly at hazard. In Punjab, the province of Pakistan within the
past few years has created an uproar by Dengue mosquito. Besides, such forge
medicines were given to Heart patients as well. Human life has become very easy
to play in society. Each incident is investigated, which eventually leads to
nothing. All these incidents are concerned about the moral crisis. This is a
tattletale. Those people who are involved in such practices their hearts have
out of fear of punishment and law.

such incidents from spreading further the only way to prevent are that Law
enforcement in the country is strictly implemented non-discriminatory. This
step is an essential and fundamental part of good governance. The government of
Pakistan should take a concrete and practical step in this regard. Corruption
as cancerous, the stigma will be eliminated from society. For that, very reason
a country or society will be moving on the paths of development and right