to till now have been several air accidents in Pakistan. After every air crash,
different types of questions are emerging in the minds of common people. People
questioned whether airplane crashes due to engine trouble, or due to weather.
How much responsibility can be laid on bad weather? And how much can be blamed
on human mistakes or miscalculations? Does the Civil Aviation institution
perform its responsibility properly? Whenever there is an air accident. 

air crash

government is established by an investigation committee. The Civil Aviation has
also initiated an investigation simultaneously. The investigation results did
not produce fruitful of these Committees. Defense ministry should fully examine
private planes of all airline companies. Under the international law of civil
aviation aircraft, a technical check-up is a routine and normal process. The
entire world is strictly following it. For this reason, the air accident rate
is less than in other countries. Civil Aviation is a Sensitive body. Whose
primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of air travelers.

this most important institution jobs are provided which are based on political
and personal likes and dislikes to such people who are not having any
professional experience. To make air travel safer, to restore the confidence of
passengers and it is important for the Airline industry on the path of
development that Aerospace industry-related institutions should be kept free of
politics and corruption and professionally qualified persons are assigned
responsibilities. It is the only way by implementing this measure, which
largely can be overcome air accidents in the future. Relevant institutions and
the government should seriously consider it. So that Air travels to be safe.