and Agriculture Organization FAO of the UN

report, According to the Financial Times, the FAO of the United Nation has
information that world food prices are now elevated and higher than their level
during the ‘food price crisis’ of 2008. the report and in the chart show that
the food prices have doubled in these years. But the last point was noticeable
by an insurrection in some 30 countries, worldwide emergency meetings, new
initiatives, etc. our question is that why there is quietness from the official
and this time around? Some feasible explanation and clarification. 

food and agriculture organization UN

costs aren’t as badly and efficiently affected. Some of the spikes because of a
weak US currency. One of the reasons is that, he FAO site’s national data are
not updated, so hard to check this; everyone acquired independent
self-determining sources of information?


have been accustomed to higher prices for the daily commodities, so recent,
they aren’t reacting as violently this time around but in someplace there is a
report of some demonstration especially in Pakistan.

prices have been mainly increased in daily and basic commodities such as sugar,
meat, and oil-seeds, not the more politically volatile cereals accountable and
responsible for most of the riots last time, wheat prices are rising fast, but
have not yet reached their 2008 levels, while rice is relatively somewhat
stable. Most donors are effectively cutting or freezing their aid budgets so
any civil servant suggesting a latest proposal may not obtain much of a


these reasons, the Guardian quotes Julian Jessop, chief international economist
at Capital Economics, as stated that “the surge in agricultural food prices is
largely a outcome of supply shocks, for example droughts in major wheat-producing
countries. These have been compounded by speculative pressures.

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