Internship Program

National Internship Program (NIP) is planned for the advantage and promotion of young
unemployed postgraduates and graduates throughout the country. The purpose of
the plan (
NIP) is to provide financial assistance to fresh university graduates,
besides, to keep them engaged and involved in attaining extra knowledge and
life experiences, and to reduce the issue of employment in the country and also
facilitate them. The benefit of this program is that it will also facilitate
the government institution’s scarcity of officials in various structures. 

national internship program

People of Pakistan

year the entire world celebrates a day especially for
disabled people all over
the world. But unfortunately, nobody helps them practically.
  The disabled persons would as expected and
remember the promises and pledges given to them during the last “
World Disabled
” about a year back and recognized that nothing much has changed in their
life content. Although promises and celebrations take place year after years
like a ceremony, seminars, and conferences. Moreover, there is less number of
disabled people, who are educated, but such a small number of disabled persons
even deprived of their basic rights. The government has put a condition in this
program (
NIP), which is that; the applicants must be 25 years in age.

is injustice with especially with the adult
disabled people? Because I have
been seeking and getting some suitable job for the last 14 years and I am now
42 years old man. Now I am neither suitable for government jobs nor government
internship schemes. Now, what shall I do in this cruel and injustice society? I
have no future in this society. Anyhow in society, as we call out the name of
disabled people it means “notable”. I extremely request to the government of
Pakistan on behalf of all the
disabled people in Pakistan. Please exceed the
age limit to 45 years, only for those disabled people who have postgraduate or
graduate degrees from recognized universities along with attested “
” from the PCRDP OR NCRDP of the social welfare organizations.

hope that the government will seriously consider this issue concerning the
person with disabilities PWD’S and the government will take concrete steps in this
regard and will not ignore our extreme request of all the
disabled people.
Please help us!


also request the
disabled persons please leave your comments in favor of this
request so that the government of Pakistan considers it seriously, more and
more comments will be fruitful in our right. Thank you!