National Internship Program NIP is premeditated for the advantage and promotion of
young unemployed postgraduates and graduates throughout the country. The
purpose of the plan (NIP) is to provide financial assistance to fresh
university graduates, besides, to keep them engaged and involved in attaining
extra knowledge and life experiences, and to reduce the issue of employment in
the country and also facilitate them. The benefit of this internship program is that it
will also facilitate the government institution’s scarcity of officials in
various arrangements. 

national internship program NIP

characteristics of the Scheme:

internship candidates will be functioning on different coursework in the
Federal and Provincial Governments situated close to their hometown. These
assignments will be done according to the academic qualification of the interns
in a variety of government institution The interns will join the national
internship program
on a full time basis and pursue the prescribed rules and
regulations of the concerned organizations including the office working time
and privacy necessities etc.


internship duration will be one year. The interns will have the right to leave
the programmed at any point on 15 days advance notice. However, such interns
will neither be allowed to receive an internship completion certificate nor
will they have any right to collect monthly salary for the remaining period.

Monthly Pay:

interns will receive a monthly pay of (10,000 Rs) Rupees ten thousand (all inclusive)
during the internship. However, the internship candidates will not offer any
formal government job during the internship.

Criteria for the Program:

Pakistani unemployed postgraduates and graduates in all fields of studies who
have done sixteen years of proper education from HEC recognized Universities
& Degree Awarding Institutions as well as external candidates.

internship applicants must be 25 years or less of age.

applicants who have already received the NIP attested certificate will not be
able again for the internship program.

and selection/appointment system:

candidates are requested to submit their applications “on-line” when
the advertisement published in the newspapers. The application forms are
available on the
website of the NIP office of the Ministry of
Youth Affairs. The government will be entirely capable to place an intern in
any institute or location as consider suitable in the best interests of the
plan and such verdict could not be challenged in any forum.