I heard this news on the News Channel that US President Obama said that under the Vienna Convention every diplomat’s have the immunity that internal law of any country does not apply on any diplomats if it is so then it is ridiculous thinking and law if any diplomat takes illegal steps against the internal law of the country where he/is she servicing, Is it a valid step? No, it is an immoral move not only against international law but also against human rights. 

International Laws Need Review: 

All international law whether a Geneva Conventions, or Vienna Convention, member countries should review their ‘Articles’. Diplomat’s does not have the authority and the exception or immunity to harm the citizens of any country. If people will not get justice, they will stand up against injustice and then it may turn in a serious form of the great revolution which will be great peril for all the nations. Leaders of the foreign countries should respect the law of a other countries and understand the demands of law. I think like this way, it will have a positive impact on relations. We hope that all countries leaders will think seriously about it. And of course all the other leaders will respect the law of any country. 

Raymond Davis