largest city Karachi it is surrounded by numerous problems. However, it is
painful and long-standing concerns are traffic jams. The former city government
has constructed many flyovers, subways and widened the roads as well, But this
concerns not only remains but also is becoming worse day-by-day. The number of
vehicles is increasing rapidly as much as on the roads. This increase is unable
to provide an opportunity for citizens from these developments. To one side the
city streets have been narrow because of the number of vehicles; On the other
hand, even our own created problems have seriously disturbed the crisis of
traffic jams. 


problem becomes even more serious when any VIP passes a special and particular
road or highway. The other vehicles cannot pass until Key personnel vehicles do
not pass. This is also a reason for a traffic jam. Car riders are suffering
from mental distress. Another major cause of traffic jams is Encroachment. The
encroachments are to establish on the footpaths, and in a few days then they
take control of half the road.

seriously affect the flow of traffic? There is a legal action against the encroachments,
which are not useful. Because these encroachments are re-established after a few
months. Different political and religious parties are using these main roads
for their party rallies, meeting, and processions. This is also a cause of
traffic jams in the cities because of these rallies and Picketing. Furthermore,
if an event occurred in the city then the city’s traffic situation becomes even
more deteriorated. Police placed barriers for security checks there is limited
space for vehicles to pass; it is also a reason for traffic jams on the key

it rains in the city so there is no special provision for water drainage. In
most businesses and busy places where there is no specific car parking, People
tend to park their vehicles at the roadside. It also raises the issue of the traffic
jam. What we need is, where the relevant authorities take steps to solve the
traffic problems, in this regard, citizens are responsible as well to cooperate
in solving such a problem of traffic jams in our country. Moreover, people
should not arise in such a situation, which creates a traffic jam.