People’s Party (Ruling party) is following a policy of reconciliation. On the
other hand what the reconciliation policy has done well to the common people of
Pakistan. The ruling party is enjoying the center and Pakistan Muslim League is
also taking pleasure in the province in Punjab. In addition to nearly all additional
provinces, people are deprived of basic needs. Especially the people of
Baluchistan besides at that moment the people of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
As the wave of revolution in the Arab world today is overwhelmed. 

Reconciliation policy

for Basic Rights:

continue to fight for their basic rights. This is not all happened in just one
day process but is the result of years of oppression. Pakistan leaders to be
aware that if they don’t solve the problems facing by the people of Pakistan
then nobody will stop the people’s revolution in the country. And this will be very
dangerous for all the community. What is the meaning and advantage of
reconciliation policy the common man even deprived of their basic needs and you
enjoy the power, is this justice in your view.

of your injustice outside hands are spreading disturbance in different parts of
the country, especially in Baluchistan province and also in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
But the victims are just the common people not the leaders of this country.
Because they have bulletproof vehicles and a lot of bodyguards. But to think
that even if revolutionize came to the country then who bring it. No leader-led
these deprived people and brings changes. All political leaders have hollow
slogans. Hungry people doing suicides. And the government and other officials
are engaged in Lunch and dinner parties.


such terrible circumstances what are benefits and use of reconciliation policy.
Stop this nonsense with the lives of people of Pakistan. Whenever there is a
threat to their power then they get out saving their power. When any barbarian
man has done adultery or abuse only three or four year’s young girl then you
will not come out for such victims and nobody can help and provide justice to
such abused children. Then no one among you would speak out against injustice
with them. In such a brutal situation, Like Moses (P.B.U.H) must have come to
Pharaoh, for eradication.