we are publicizing a new PC accessory I consider you will I love this mouse. The
Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse.

There have been dissimilar versions of the Arc
Touch Mouse over the years in several colors and designs. Today, we are
announcing a new version that has all the similar remarkable one of the
previous versions. It has the touch strip in the center therefore; you can
swipe, tap, as well as flick to navigate your screen with a single finger. Arc
Touch Mouse has Blue-Track technology designed for use on virtually every
surface. In addition to you can flatten the mouse to turn it off. Touch Mouse
is beyond an appealing device.

You can maintain wireless control of your
computer able to 15 feet away. On the other hand, together with a new color and
appearance, this version of the Arc Touch Mouse has Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy
technology with the purpose of you can connect to your PCs or tablets for those
who select pairing it rather than using a USB nano transceiver. 

Via: Microsoft

Arc Touch Mouse