South Korean capital, Seoul, is declaring a world first, with a fully electric
commercial busway. The full-sized eco-friendly buses are at present merely
operating on a mountain circular route – but there are more such buses to be
introduced and launched. It gives the impression a normally commuter bus in
Seoul the official of South Korea are state publicly it as an element of a
system that cannot originate and found anywhere else in the world – a
commercial electric bus service. 


Cho Yoonjin has declared a great achievement: 

city of Seoul has established and launched five
electric buses operating on
three routes around
Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. The buses are not
different from their diesel-driven complements, but clean, high-capacity lithium-ion
batteries power their engines. Their bodies of the buses are prepared for a
physically powerful but lightweight carbon-fiber compound, and the vehicles can
travel approximately 80 kilometres – or fifty miles – on a single charge, a
process that takes about 30 minutes. They can also accumulate and reprocess the
energy generated by their brakes when running downhill. Seoul transportation
officials articulate that they have an idea and upcoming plan to bring such
electric buses in replace of diesel-driven buses by 2020 a gradual progress
from fossil fuels with a strategy they stated is certain to grab on around the