HD with full HD 3D and internet portals take over the spec catalog of TVs, Sony
has determined to make to some extent a different with its Bravia KDL-22PX300:
it has an integrated and built-in PlayStation 2. 

Sony Bravia KDL TV


your kind information, by built-in, we denote that the 22in TV’s base is a
PlayStation 2, giving this TV a strange look. It is also slightly weird and
wonderful that Sony is selecting this tip to attempt and to make the best use
of a little more life out of its PS2 product. The only cause we can consider is
that integrating a PlayStation 3 would place the cost up to an unrealistic
point it means out of reach. As it stands, the KDL-22PX300 is available and
provided for £200 from better Sounds making it merely a little more expensive
than same-size TVs from other counterpart manufacturers. 

KDL-22PX300 is soundly kitted out, as well. Its 1,366×768 resolution is
superlative for 720p video recording, soundtrack or footage; whereas four HDMI
inputs indicate, you can plug in several other devices. There’s Freeview built-in,
even though not the latest Freeview HD. Maybe the best thing is the Bravia
Internet TV portal is included, so you can connect the TV to your router via
Ethernet and use the online services, together with BBC iPlayer and Love Film.
If you have been looking for a means to break out your old PS2 games, this TV
is the model for you.