Ten Errors Before Making Google AdSense Account

creating an AdSense account realize and keep in your mind these below major
mistakes. Do not click on your ads on your computer system. Because 70% of the
websites have been banned because of clicking their ads. In Google’s terms, it
is called ‘Invalid Clicks’. You should find information regarding the
blacklisting before creating a new AdSense account.

will take you further complicated to carry on in Google, certainly, it will ban
your account 100%. One account is enough for more than a few websites, to
suppose if you have one hundred websites. Google has permitted to place your
ads on any website or blog. Do not use the convincing words that compel the
visitors to click on them. For example:

Here, Useful links, Click and Win

words are an advertisement. Sponsored By

website should be using Google’s recommended language. (Google Does Not Support
the Urdu language.)

should provide your AdSense JavaScript code to anyone through, E-mail Because
Google has a profound observation on Emails.

should not display AdSense on a Popup window because Google rigorously
disallows such activities.

your ads on such a webpage, which has content, data, or information.

had better not locate your advertisements on such  page where you are asking and filling
material from the visitor for instance:

  • Application
  • Registration
  • Login
    Page etc.

away from using such kind of tools that clicks automatically on your
advertisements. Google has a profound observation of these tools.

instance: Auto Clicker, Click Sensor