has announced the launch of a new Gmail layout that will highlight the
company’s other services. According to Google, Gmail’s new layout will begin
rolling out in February 2022, by default in April, and will be the only option
until the end of the second half of 2022. In this layout, Google’s other
messaging tools that are part of the workspace suite will no longer have small
windows with emails but will have their screens, accessed with large buttons on
the left side of the service. 

Google Gmail

has dubbed it Integrated View and if you are a workspace user you will be
familiar with this layout. Customers can begin testing the layout, and in April
those who have not opted out will begin switching over to the company. But even
then users will be able to change it from the old layout through the settings,
but by the end of June this option will also be gone and the new layout will
have to be used. 

to the company, this layout will also have notification bubbles which will allow
you to know that other tools also need your attention. Instead of limiting
Gmail to e-mail messages, Google is turning it into a hub with all sorts of
features. That’s why first the workspace was made a part of Gmail and then
voice and video calling facility was also introduced. The company says the
layout is currently available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business
customers and will not have access to personal accounts.