Google warns and informs users to update their browsers

Technology giant Google has advised millions of Chrome users to update their browsers following a cyberattack. According to the company, hackers can gain control of users’ computers due to cyberattacks. 


Google has cautioned that cybercriminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in pop-up windows or websites to access users’ private information.

An important update released by the company has fixed the flaw in the browser, which users can obtain by going to the settings of their Google Chrome browser.

According to Google, this flaw in the initial version of Chrome helped cyber attackers launch attacks on users’ devices through an HTML page.

However, the company did not clearly disclose details about the vulnerability. Usually, when a fake HTML page appears on the screen, it looks like a regular website, but upon clicking it, hackers can seize control of the computer and steal information.

These HTML pages can also appear as pop-ups, suggesting users download the latest antivirus software or browser, but instead, they download software that allows hackers to steal user data.