The method of earning on Google AdSense will be changed
in 2024 

The biggest internet search engine, Google, has announced
a change in the method of earning through advertisements on websites, stating
that a new approach will improve the earnings of users running ads. 


image by Unsplash

According to a blog post by Google, it has been revealed
that the method of earning through Google AdSense will be changed, possibly at
the beginning of the new year, in 2024. Currently, individuals and companies
displaying ads on websites receive payment per click, while under the new
approach, users will be paid for placing or displaying ads on websites, termed
as “impression payment.” 

Impression payment means that website owners will be paid
for every impression, i.e., page view. Typically, Google provides payment based
on a thousand page views, but the number of page views can vary on some
websites. Currently, Google AdSense operates on a click-payment method, meaning
website owners are paid by Google for every click their page receives. 

However, under the new approach, payment will be made
when ads are visible on any part or page of a website. Website owners do not
need to make any changes under the new method, as Google will autonomously
place ads on websites through its automated system. Additionally, Google has
made it clear that although the revenue process will become easier and better
under the new method, there will be no difference in the earnings of website

They will still receive 68% of the advertising revenue.
Currently, Google AdSense monetizes websites by providing them with 68% of the
advertising revenue, while Google takes the remaining 32%. Google charges
companies for displaying ads based on clicks or page views, meaning companies
also have to pay for each instance their ad is seen. 

What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is a method to
monetize websites, meaning it is the easiest way to earn money. To register a
website on Google AdSense, the website owner needs to open an account on Gmail
and provide the necessary information after accessing AdSense. 

After that, Google evaluates the mentioned websites to decide
whether they are acceptable or rejected for displaying advertisements. Once
accepted by Google, the process of displaying advertisements begins, and on
each website, ads are shown based on the preferences of its audience and
readers. Google introduced AdSense in 2003, and since then, websites worldwide
have been earning billions of dollars annually through this method.