version 4
, the web browser from the Mozilla organization, is taking form and
shape gradually but certainly! The experiment segments of the different
development periods are taking longer than expected, on any occasion a final
version of Firefox 4 is expected to be launch in a few weeks yet. 

Mozilla Firefox

4 Beta 8

beta 8
has been accomplished and is now provided and available to download on the
internet. It corrects no less than 1,400 bugs! Among them, the cleansing of the
administration of additional components, the improvement in the integration and
configuration of
Firefox Sync (Synchronization), in addition to browsing speeds
to load the webpage of any website on the internet world. Two experimental
versions are still to come to compact with the latest issues that
Mozilla’s significant
and flagship program endures from, before a large amount expected publication
of the “Release Candidate”, the nearly completed version.