innovative analysis of the world’s supreme groundbreaking smartphone captures
the top low light images! 

14 May 2013: Nokia currently introduced the Nokia Lumia 925, a fresh
interpretation of its high-quality prize, the Nokia Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia
925 introduces a metal design and displays the newest PureView camera
improvement, new features, and third party applications coming to the Nokia
Lumia variety. The Nokia Lumia 925 contains the supreme innovative lens
technology and next-generation imaging software to capture vibrant, sharper
pictures and video, as well as the greatest low light images. The Nokia Lumia
besides introduces the new Nokia Smart Camera mode, coming as an update to
all Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia Smart Camera offers a stress-free
method to capture ten images at once and edit the pictures with choices similar
to Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus for creating a flawless
high-quality image. 

Nokia Lumia 925

Lumia 925 

as well declared Instamatic’s new app, Oggl, would arrive on Nokia Lumia
smartphones, permitting people to take as well as share high-quality pictures
with compatible creatives besides photography devotees globally. Furthermore,
to sharing photos on Oggl, users can at the same time share photos on social
networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and
Instagram. We keep modernizing, believed Jo Harlow, executive vice president of
Nokia Smart Devices. We are progressing know-hows on the Nokia Lumia portfolio
whether that means excessive newfangled advantages for an existing Lumia owner,
otherwise bringing new platform devices similar to the Nokia Lumia 925. 

Nokia Lumia 925 presents metal for the first time to the Nokia Lumia variety,
bringing charm and exclusive advantages similarly to increased strength. The
polycarbonate is back available in white, grey, otherwise black in colors. A
wireless charging cover can be clipped onto the back of the phone to take
benefit of Nokia’s extensive wireless charging accessories and ecosystem.
Covers, sold individually, available in white, black, yellow, and red. Prominent
Nokia services, such as the HERE suite of integrated location as well as
navigation services besides Nokia Music for infinite streaming of free music
playlists, improve the prominent proposition offered by Nokia’s high-tech

Nokia Lumia 925 is being presented into Europe with Vodafone, together with
additional operators and retail partners. Patrick Chomet, a group director of
Terminals at Vodafone believed: The new-fangled Nokia Lumia 925 is a smooth and
stylish smartphone bringing great presentation and exceptional imaging. We plan
to offer the Nokia Lumia 925 across our markets on Vodafone Red, in addition to
extra tariffs, allowing customers to make the maximum of their new smartphone
on Vodafone’s fast and consistent network. Vodafone customers will also have
high-class access to a 32GB version of the Nokia Lumia 925, giving them even
add volume to store all their content for personal and business use. 

Myerson, corporate vice president, Microsoft Windows Phone Division, further
said. Among Nokia, we continue to modify the method people think about
smartphone cameras. The work Nokia has done with the Lumia 925 additional improves
the imaging aptitudes of the Lumia smartphones. As well as Europe, the Nokia
Lumia 925 will be introduced into the US by T-Mobile and into China-by-China
Mobile and China Unicom. Sales are predicted to start in the UK, Germany,
Italy, Spain, and China in June, subsequently the US and several extra
marketplaces. The Nokia Lumia 925 will be rated about 469 EUR before taxes and
subsidies. Country-specific set a price and accessibility will be publicized

Nokia Lumia 925
Available after 1315 GMT on May 14
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