How to know if your
Amazon account is hacked 

Have you ever
had a page delivered from Amazon that you did not order? Inflating a seller’s
rating from online fake orders is known in technical terms as Brushing Scam. In
which the customer gets everything from clothes to electronics and even empty
packets delivered without ordering. 

The hacker creates a tracking number of the
order in the Amazon customer’s account and marks the package as delivered.
Hackers can even give 5 stars on the platform to increase the delivery rating.
By sending packages to false addresses through hacking, fake online stores can
also be identified as authentic stores. 

image by Arab News

First, if you receive an item that you did
not order, you must immediately report the wrong package on Amazon’s Report
Unwanted Package form and you must have the batch for that. While it is not
necessary for a hacker to gain access to your account to send you fake pages,
when they do, they can cause problems for others using your account. To check
that your account has not been hacked, follow the following precautions. 

Was your Amazon
account hacked? Follow these steps 

  • Check
    your Amazon Orders option periodically. 
  • Open your account option on Amazon and
    go to your orders. 
  • Look for any suspicious or unexpected orders. 
  • If you have
    shared your account with others, verify their orders as well. 
  • If no order has
    been placed from your account that you are not aware of, go back to your
    account and select the Saved Orders option there. 
  • If you see something there
    that you did not buy, that is a risk. 
  • When someone hacks your account, they can
    post Amazon platform comments using your name. 
  • Open your account page and go to
    your Amazon profile in Order & Purchase Preferences. 
  • When you scroll down, you
    will see your comments there. Check, there that there is no such comment that
    is in your name but you did not make it.