WhatsApp introduced
2 New features for UsersStay Connected 

Meta Company
has been rolling out very positive changes to WhatsApp very quickly and has
introduced a number of new features within just a few days. One of them is related
to group messaging and its management, and the other is to easily block unnecessary
spam calls. In the beta version of WhatsApp, in the case of a group, a member
can complain about an inappropriate message directly to the group admin. It is
named to report the same as Facebook and YouTube. 

WhatsApp new features

For this, your message can
now be delivered to the to admin by tapping on the message and selecting the report
from the drop-down list. This option is intended to make the group spam-free
and secure the conversation. On the other hand, under another important change,
users have added an option to the bottom navigation bar. 

Under this,
unnecessary phone calls and numbers can be muted on WhatsApp. This option is
also first introduced for Android users. Beta testers are currently testing
this important feature. For this, the user interface has been redesigned and
this option has been added by bringing down the navigation bar. 

This feature is
introduced in the WhatsApp beta version. For this, spam phone numbers can be muted
by going to the settings and going to the private menu. However, these numbers
will continue to appear in the call log. This is the reason why the need for
this feature was felt for a long time.