Chrome’s new feature to secure browser for Internet connection 

world’s largest internet search engine Google is continuing to work on making
its browser Chrome more secure and a great feature are likely to be introduced
to the browser soon. According to Nine to Five Google, a website that monitors
Google updates, the company’s experts are working on a feature to block the
opening of insecure Internet connections and download from Quorum, which is
likely to be introduced soon.


google chrome

Even in Google Chrome, users sometimes see a
website address with a message saying that they are using an unsecured Internet
connection. However, after the above-mentioned feature, the security will be
improved. According to the report, after the said feature, not only internet
connections but also warnings about insecure websites will be visible to the
user, and Quorum will inform the user that the HTTP they are using is not
secure. HTTP is the protocol code bar of every website, which is written at the
beginning of every address, and it gives information about whether a website is
secure or not. 

Under the new feature, Google Chrome will examine HTTP and issue
a warning to the user that they are accessing an insecure website. Not only
this but whenever a user wants to download any content from an unsecured HTTP
address. Therefore, Chrome will block it as well as issue a warning to the user
that they are accessing content from an unsafe website. Under the mentioned
feature, however, the user will have the option to ignore Chrome’s warning and
download content from unsafe websites. However, Chrome will issue a warning to
the user multiple times. It is not yet clear when the feature will be
introduced in Chrome, but it is likely to be introduced soon.